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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. >> and follow it no matter where it leads - all the way to you. al jazeera america, take a new look at news. >> a historic move. one of the nation ace farmest pharmacy chains will. nine more shots went into bobod, as he lay on the ground in his hometown, nogales mexico. >> he lay on the ground of his hometown of nogales mexico.
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and it traveled through an international boundary and into a legal have a couple. the agent has never been named. >> found on the sidewalk. >> he could lose $2 billion in revenue every year as a result. we have been following this story, john, if you would, take your time and give us the details here. >> reporter: thank you very much, tony. good evening from the nation's capitol. sometimes i think a new story crosses the wires, and you just have to look at it and think this is a bit of a moment. we have one of america's largest corporations, and they are saying we're going to take all tobacco products off our shelves. in doing so they're making a political, social and business statement all in one.
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it could have ramifications in this country for years to come. a landmark decision from the nation's second largest pharmacy chain. cvs's decision to stop selling all tobacco products this year could be a retail game changer. >> when we ask ourselves where do we expect to be in the future it became clear removing tobacco products from our stores is the right thing to do. >> reporter: cvs said it's decision will cost the company money, $2 billion, shares slipped on wall street with the news, but cvs vell sells, cigars is a small bees of it. the president of the united states responding with a written statement. today's decision will help my administration's efforts to reduce tobacco-related deaths, cancer, heart disease as well as bring down healthcare costs. the first lady tweeted, now we
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can all breathe a little easier, and the health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius said: at the lung cancer ahaiyan at washington, d.c. the news was greeted with a cheer. >> bravo, cvs. bravo. just an extraordinary and powerful statement that will build on exciting momentum that we have to really invigorate our war against needless tobacco death. >> reporr: now cvs has made it's decision, what will happen next? >> reporter: well, that is the big question. let me explain where cvs fits in
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the big scheme of things. on wall street it is categorized as a pharmacy chain, and it is number two against walgreen's. walgreen's is bigger. so the question is what will walgreen's do? they issued a statement saying we've been thinking about this, too, quite frankly, for a long time, and they said in the statement that they put out that in the very least it will require them to consider the location of tobacco products on their shelves in their stores. it could be at the very least be a retail game changer. >> is this potentially a death nail for that very or will it look to find distribution hubs elsewhere in the country. >> reporter: great question. the tobacco company has not made a comment, and there is a reason for that. this won't amount to a hill of beans for them. for them they've moved on from north america a long time ago.
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this is not their market any more. they take what they can get here, but to grow their business, which is what you have to do in any business environment, to grow their business they're looking to latin america, asia, africa, parts of the world that are still developing, and where smoking unlike here in the united states, not frowned upon at all but extremely popular. >> john, it's interesting, we were talking about this a bit earlier, it will be curious to see what walgreen's does next. it seems to me that a decision like this from cvs puts all kinds of pressure on the 23,478 one, walgreen's, to make a similar decision. >> reporter: i think that's absolutely right. you have to remember that walgreen's is the number one player in this particular market. and they have issued a statement today in which they have said we have been thinking about this, this is not new thinking to us
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here at walgreen's but they refuse to say outright just yet whether they will follow cvs's lead. but what they are prepared to saat this point is at the very least they're willing to look again, think again about the location of tobacco products in their stores. and right now those products are held behind the check-in desk, the check-out desk. that's where you go. you can't just get them off the shelves. you have to ask for these products but walgreen's is suggesting that maybe this move of cvs, they'll move the location in their store. this could be a retail game changer. >> john terrett for news washington, d.c. smoking remains to be a huge public health concern for every smoker who dice two pick up the habit. >> reporter: smoking does remain a big problem in the united states. it kills half a million people
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every year. now a tenth of those are from second-hand smoke alone. one out of every five people in the u.s. will die from tobacco. it's the number one preventable death in america. smokers die a decade earlier. it's especially prevalent in the south and midwest. places like kentucky, oklahoma. states like utah and california have the lowest smoking rates. cigarette use has dropped considerably in the united states. back in the mid 60's close to 40% of americans smoked. now the since 2004 the rate has barely dropped, and in some years it has gone up slightly. this troubles health officials who are trying to lower it to 12% by 2020. more young people are trying the
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habit, 3200 kids smoke their first cigarette every day. the young are a big focus for activists because almost no one starts smoking beyond the age of 25. >> we're talking about cigarettes but there are other tobacco products. there are cigars. >> dip, chew, and cigars are popular with high school boys. one in every five smokes a cigar. >> thank you. >> more than 1 million people, imagine that, have no electricity right now as a winter storm barrels it's way through the northeast. pennsylvania was hit the hardest. 50,000 power outages there alone. snow and ice fell in the midwest all the way to maine. some places we'll see a foot of snow. paul beban joins us from new york. talk to us about the wide-spread
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effects of this storm. >> reporter: well, tony, good evening, as you mentioned this storm stretches all the way from indiana to main. here in new york on a day like today, today when puddle jumper becomes an olympic event, people leaping over these puddles and snow banks, slushy and treacherous conditions all over the place. people are warned to take it easy on their home commute. the question is will the light and heat be on a when they get home. across pennsylvania more than 750,000 people are without power. more than half a million of them homes and businesses in the suburbs of philadelphia. the cause by and large downed power lines dragged down by heavy snow and freezing rain. the major power supplier in the area is warning it may be days before the power is turned back on. they've requested 500 line crews from neighboring states to
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assist them. state emergency officials are meeting with local leaders to see what is needed to provide food and shelter for those who are left in the dark, and they're keeping an eye on another storm headed to the weekend. their salt reserves are dangerously low, also low are the budgets to pay for the clean up. >> we're already over budget from the storms this year. >> drivers are urged to stay off the roads completely. >> it's heavy snow and packed in places, and locals are in terrible shape. >> nearly 5,000 flights were delayed and more canceled.
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for some it's a welcome treat and a day off from school, but as the cold of night sets in, many pennsylvanians and others in the region are wondering where to go, how to stay warm, and how soon their power will be turned back on. >> reporter: tony, in addition to all the sirens what you also here going by are the song of tire chains on garbage trucks,, and that's a good thing bras all this slush and water will be turning to ice overnight. >> we have more on this latest storm, and what is in store? that's a new worry. >> meteorologist: it's the cold temperatures that are the big story. the storms are moving out. one thing i want to mention we're seeing a lot of that snow being put on the curb as well as the sidewalk snow on the bush and we have piles of snow that people have to go over.
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that will freeze and it make it dangerous for people to walk around while crossing the streets. there is a lot of snow to the north, and you can see that it's ending in the metro area. tilstill a big problem in new hampshire. this is wh where the winter stom warning. this is how much snow we have. central park four inches. in the last storm on monday that brought six inches, so there has been 10 inches of snow. in up state new york moore like 15. boston is at 32 degrees, but this is the problem, overnight our temperatures are dropping for new york it's going to be 22 degrees over towards philadelphia. as i mentioned tony all that have messy messy weather is
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messy snow banks, it's going to melt. you're going to see freezing. >> it's the cycle over and over again, and we'll talk about that later in the newscast. new developments in west virginia when the governor said he would test the water in homes, residents refuse to drink the water in spite investigators giving the all clear. robert, is this the governor respond to go what i would imagine has been a lot of public pressure? >> reporter: it absolutely is, and a lot of that pressure came on him todayality that press conference just a few hours ago. we just got a text mention. our very tenacious field producer david douglas got from the governor's office directing teams to evaluate home testing options. that might be because of
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al jazeera america's on the ground presence over the course of the past month speaking to residents we've been asking them what do you want? what is it that is worrying you? a lot of people have flushed out their homes, flushed the pipes out yet the smell of chemical licorice still exists. a lot of team think that the chemical is bonding to the pipes. why not take a sampling of testing from many the homes here. the epa said we don't think that that's the case. but we followed up with the governor and said sir, you are in control of the cdc and the epa, you are leads the charge. west virginia is in charge of the investigation here, and restoring the faith. it is your responsibility, sir, to enact this home testing. he said he would look into it, and sure enough an hour later our producer gets the text message. the cdc said the water is safe. here is what one of their lead
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scientists said to us at the press conference. >> based on what we know it seems unlikely that there will be any long-term affects. and that is based that exposures are short term. people who complained about stems wer--symptoms were generay mild. and those hospitalized were those patients who had underlying conditions. >> reporter: tony, as the governor has issued this look into homes and pipes i think a lot of people will find that news to be encouraging and remaining as the faith here is still not in full force as the water company is distributing bottled water still. the point is still issuing bottled water distribution centers, and people want to get their life back to order. hopefully that is one step back in that direction. toney.
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>> all right, the people must be served, robert, thank you. the vatican says a report released by the u.n. on the catholic church sex abuse crisis is distorted and unfair and accuses the aggravate can for turning a blind eye for decades while priests sexual abused children. >> reporter: the report is devastating critique of the vatican's performance in dealing with child sex abuse. it said that it is still not willing to accept the scale of the problem and take responsibility for it. >> placed reputation of the church and the perpetrators above the children's best interests. >> reporter: the report lists many failings and has many recommendations. the church is till moving guilty abusers from parish to parish, and that most stop.
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there is a code of eye lens, and that must stop, too. the church must pay compensation and provide rehabilitation to its victims. this ongoing crisis continues to plague the credibility of the church and the new pope. the committee said it must call on outside help and everything must be made public. >> the credibility of the church will always be at stake unless there is a possibility of having total zero tolerance, protecting children with all the protection that they need and deserve. >> reporter: the report's tough stance will be welcomed by victims worldwide. >> for so long we have been in disbelief. for so long we have been criticized because the church
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said we're only after their money. >> this is a real clash of cultures between the un determined to hold up the rights of the child, and the vatican a hierarchical institution used to keeping its business secret. can pope francis turn the new language and papacy to a change in the catholic church? >> a teacher in haiti lost his school but went on teaching under a tent. he said all he needed to teach in a proper place was 9 todd thousand dollars. soledad o'brien joins us with more. and why it may be possible to gamble online in some states.
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ali velshi will be looking at that part of the story with "real money" coming in at the top of the hour. how does this impact the tobacco industry? >> it could be pretty big. this is $100 billion industry, and the tobacco industry is expecting a lot of it it's sales may start to deshrine because so many americans get their tobacco at cvs. they're hopeful an. the tobacco industry has been hammered whether it's been the
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airlines, universities beening smoking or government that has ad campaigns including a new one about the perils of big tobacco. tobacco industry has seen it's sales decline but stay the tobacco is taking a new approach to the news of cvs saying they respect it's agency trying to protect it's own image when it's under fire from cvs. >> is this a pr stunt? >> well, it's important to remember anybody, any of us can walk into a cvs today, and we'll talk about this later on the show, but we'll walk in and find things that are not necessarily healthy for you whether it's salty snacks, soda, cakes, sugar, candidate bars, there are all kinds of things that cvs and all other kind of retailers sell that lead to obesity and other health hazards. if it really is moving in a
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direction of healthy business, there are a lot of other things that they can do, that sort of environment is their primary goal. >> what else are you looking at? >> you and i both are a big college football fan. >> oh, yes. >> the boys of college athletes are about to get loader. the football players of the wildcats have petitioned for the right to form an union. it could have implications for the college athlete, ncaa, and it could effect some of the fans. we'll talk about that tonight on "real money" at 7:00 eastern. >> david, can't wait. david shuster in for ali velshi on "real money with ali velshi." millions in international aid has been used to r rebuild e
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country, but in some case it is has hurt rather than helped. soledad o'brien has been in haiti for the past several years. she returns and first of all, great to see you. it's been a long time. >> thank you, and likewise, of course. >> there are any number of stories that you could have followed in haiti. which one did you choose? >> we report on a number of stories out of haiti. i think the one that had an impact was one that took a serious look at where did all the money go. many people saw the pictures, heard the stories and were moved to donate to haiti's cause post earthquake, but what happened to all that money, and tracking that money was the focus of our story. it was very challenging and difficult to track all that
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money. the biggest issue in haiti in housing where hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes. aid agencies came in took over their home and brought in aid and ousted some people in the meanwhile. here is a look at our original report that re-aired in january. >> today aid agencies say approximately 300,000 people in port-au-prince still live in deplorable conditions and camps. families crammed in tiny shelters made of tarps and craps of wood. this one called camp 54 sits in a middle class suburb. there are 5,000 people living on the streets here. the camp is run by mackenzie, a teacher. >> good morning. >> all: good morning.
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>> with help from his mother, mackenzie managed to build a school here with 700 children. mackenzie's school survived the earthquake but not the aftermath. >> we were forced to leave in order to turn the schoolyard into a parking lot. an u.n. agency rented the property from mackenzie's landlord and his school became a parking lot. so now mackenzie teaches dozens of children in a tiny makeshift classroom. what makes it more painful is it's virtually across the street from his old school. >> how does it feel to look at your school? >> oh, yes, each time i look at it, each time, well, actually i try to avoid coming by here because it hurts. it hurts. it hurts deeply. >> i know what you're saying even though i don't speak your
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language. i feel terrible. >> it makes a pain in my heart. >> it's hurtful. >> mackenzie said he needs just 9 the thousand dollars u.s. to build a new school, just $9,000 of the billions pledged to non-governmental organizations. >> mackenzie, he is impressive, soledad. do you have an update on this story? >> a phenomenal update. a viewer saw that story in january and reached out and said he wanted to donate the money, the $9,000, to build mackenzie's new school. mackenzie had to find a new building and relocate the 700 children to this school. he offered to take half of his savings and donate that money to mackenzie so he could build a school and start teaching 700 children again. in fact, the money has been sent
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and received by mackenzie who has found a location for his school. when i asked the youngish man in his 30's who said he wanted to remain anonymous, he said, listen, i said what is your connection to mate ihaiti? why this particular story? he said when i saw that man, i saw in his eyes how sad he was, and i could help change the world by what wouldn't be a huge burden on my heart to give away half of my savings. so he was--mackenzie called him to thank him and to say he hopes that he is blessed forever. he plans to visit the school one day as well. >> terrific story and a terrific outcome. soledad, thank you so much. >> thanks, likewise. >> and you can see the rest of sow dad's report at 9:00 p.m. n the east coast and 6:00 p.m. on the west coast. experts say anyone heading to the olympics with a computer or smart phone should expect to be hacked. why it's so common there and how
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some people are trying to prevent it.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here's a look at your top stories. bold and historic decision by one of the nation's largest pharmacy chains. cvs announced it will no longer sell tobacco products at its stores. it could cost $2 billion in revenue. new developments out of west virginia in the last hour the governor said he will consider testing the water in homes effected by last month's comel spill. many residents refuse to drink the water despite investigators giving it the all clear. and the vatican reports that the u.n. report on the axecy build a school within the catholic church is unfair.
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claiming that the vatican turned a blind eye to the abuse of thousands of children. >> the policy of the church is zero tolerance for abuse anywhere in the world. if it is not being implemented then we need to know about it, we need to enforce it and do it. but these sweeping allegations they're not helpful. the policy is zero tolerance of abuse. >> can it do more? should it do more? >> well, if the church knows
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that the person has been--the priest has been involved in abuse it can fire them, but it has to know that they're involved in abuse, and the local bishop has to implement the rules and regulations and policies that have been established by the pope. >> there should also be more transparency by the church. today has been set as a global day of action in the anti-gay sochi winter olympics protest. the russian government has been under pressure because of its negative view on gay people. we have reports from sochi. >> reporter: the transformation takes an hour and a half. the 26-year-old performance as a drag queen in one of sochi's two gay clubs. he now can be fined.
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but he said so far life hasn't changed much. >> some think that gays are being shot. it's not like that. we live peacefully. the law can't ban us from loving somebody. >> gay people here are as aware of as everyone else that the olympics are in town, and the games have focused international attention on russia's so-called ain't gay laanti-gay law. rights groups like amnesty say being gay in russia is becoming dangerous. >> it means being bullied. these are things that people are confronted with every day. people are afraid after the olympics are over and the
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international media are gone they will be hunted down. >> such local support, he seemed a little bemused. >> gays are not concerned about registering gay marriages but i hear every day on tv that we request to register our marriages. it's not true. politicians are trying to gain point and artificially created a problem. also it's a way to distract citizens from more serious things. [♪ music ] >> they take the stage, there are many countries in the world where being gay is illegal, and clearly russia is not one of
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those. there are plenty of gay men and women in this country who are hopeful that their government's current enthusiasm over homosexuals is just a temporary one. >> they can calls come to the cabaret for a different type of show. >> spectators at sochi, why the sudden warning fo. >> they don't have the quaint laws that we do about privacy. there is no outrage that they would be snooping on citizens lives. anything that goes on within the
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borders of russia belongs to russia. there is a thriving cub sculpture of hacking that arrives in russia. it means that really everybody is going to be risk. >> what steps can travelers take to protect themselves. >> grab a phone that you have knocking around in a dollar somewhere. that's the way to deal with it. the trick is simply not plug to a system. don't connect to a local wi-fi. don't charge using the hotel's charger. be incredibly careful. at the end, throw this thing into the river. do not bring it with you. chain all your passwords. imagine you're going to a place infected with something that you don't want to catch. don't put your digital life down
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in that glaze tell me again why the international olympic committee awarded the games to sochi, oh, oh, never mind. jacob ward for us, thank you. >> thank you. >> had hamid karzai is deciding whether to sign a new law, and the afghan parliament approved a bill that would prevent family members from acting as witnesses at trial. that would make it impossible to prosecute crimes that happen in the home. reunions will happen between february 20th and the 25th in north korea. they were supposed to be reuni reunited in september, but pyongyang accused north korea of practicing war drills. anger simmer in thailand.
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partialment elections are now bringing protest. >> an attractive woman in a roll up to now only been played by men. when shinawatr shinawatra was ee is now in the middle of protes protests. >> the crowds are nowhere near as they were at the beginning of the bangkok shutdown, that doesn't mean that the language and vitriol has been getting any weaker. women's rights groups have complained with the sexist language being used against the prime minister. here referring to a game show
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called "smart lady," the top opposition said if there was a competition for "dumb lady" no one else could compete. much worse sexist language has been used. >> don't worry, you're not too old to become a pin up model as you have not reached menopause. >> reporter: some protest protes dislike the language, too. >> i think it's the last straw to say such things. >> reporter: not just the last straw but perhaps an omen of things to come. >> calling for enemies in the government as non-human, and they don't deserve to live any more. this is a very dangerouser are a of ongoing and escalating
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confrontation including violent confrontation. >> the more inflammatory the verbal abuse the more likely it is there will be worse violence. >> new information from the medical examine north death of actor seymour hoffman. we have more on that story and other stories making headlines. >> reporter: 9 autopsy of philip seymour hoffman's body is inconclusive. the new york city medical examiner said the office needs to do more tests to determine exactly what killed him. they are treating this as a suspected drug overdose. dozens of heroin packages were found in hoffman's apartment. in north dakota authorities want to know if a propane shortage contributed to a woman's death. the woman was found dead in her home on the standing rock indian
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reservation. the propane tank used to heat the home was empty after a night of below zero temperatures. a national shortage of propane has doubled prices and left those who use it to heat their homes struggling to a stay home. ten states are considering online gambling. the states are considering bills on internet betting this year. nevada which also allows online poker may even be expanding into other types of internet betting. in milwaukee prosecutors arrested three people in connection with the theft of a valuable stradivarius violin. thieves used a stun gun to take a 300-year-old instrument from a milwaukee concert master. the charge against the three will be filed soon. the violin has been valued at $5 million. finally the red hot chili
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peppers came clean today. [♪ singing ] the band admitted that they sang to a pre-recorded instrumental track during the super bowl half time show. viewers noticed the group's guitars were not plugged in during the performance. that's what the nfl wanted. in a statement the peppers said they didn't plug in the guitars because they didn't want to fool anybody. >> but it was a great performance. that's the most frightening part of it all. hang around, nearly one million people, this didn't it. >> reporter: we'll talk later then. >> nearly a million people are without power after heavyweight snow snapped power lines, west pennsylvania was particularly hard hit. the storm pounded the great plains before moving to the northeast.
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let's check in with kevin who has the latest. >> meteorologist: tony, the people in the midwest we're talking about temperatures there going overnight into the teens. so a lot of people going into the teens with no power at all. hopefully they'll get that power up soon. we don't have any more snow coming in. that's good news. what we are dealing with is snow coming in across texas, new mexico. we do have warnings and advisories in effect. those are those winter weather advisories. if you're trafficking across the area that will warnings. we expect to see one to three inches of know there. as we go into thursday, the clearing out of the northeast, but watch what happened across the central plains very carefully. i wanted to show you across the central plains, watch what happens as we begin to get our next system. on saturday we get snow from
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basically chicago all the way over here towards parts of new york. as we go towards sunday that system moves up to new england. now how much snow, it could be ten t inches of snow. we think in new york it wil it r hard to tell. >> that will be enough to complicate life. so, the weather is so bad in the midwest, kevin just detailed that, that a number 6 cities have declared snow emergency and canceled classes. one principal in kentucky decided to have a little bit of fun while making that announcement. watch this ♪ we just got a call ♪ breaking news school is closed ♪ ♪ school is closed ♪ sorry parents for another day ♪ ♪ school is canceled
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♪ school is canceled ♪ ♪ because it's cold ♪ so everyone grab a snugy ♪ and watch tv or play the wee ♪ and maybe we ♪ that's right >> that was in burring ton,kentf their version of queen's" bow peoplan rhapsody"? ththe lateest generation of ships are too big to fit through the panama canal. >> reporter: international group of companies in charge of the expansion of suspended work on
6:47 pm
wednesday, this is after negotiations of $1.6 million in cost over runs have broke down. this is the biggest setback in the very ambitious project. we're talking about one of the biggest infrastructure operation in the world that will allow ships more than double the size to move through the canal both sides are blaming each other here on this stalement and risk over 10,000 jobs of people who are working on the expansion right now. and of course the revenues of the nation of panama. but furthermore also at risk are a big part of international commerce, international shipping companies are very eagle for have the bigger ships to be able to go through the canal, and
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every delay is a big setback for them. also major countries around the world including the u.s. and china have already spent billions of dollars to expand their ports. the administration of the canal said they are ready to take over the operations and they're promising they will finish one way or another the project in 2015, but many observers think that's way too optimistic. >> miami is getting a new scene with a huge star at the helm, david beckham's latest venture. that's next. and at a hotel room reports of missing door knobs and brown water in sochi.
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>> welcome back. al jazeera america. one of the soccer world's biggest stars celebrities announced today he is forming a new major league soccer team in miami. david beckham said he will buy an expansion team for a cool $25 million. natasha, is that a good deal? >> reporter: well, some are saying it's a really good deal. i want to say before we get into the numbers david beckham despite the millions of dollars involved in bringing a team into the major league soccer said his team will be a people's team. he did pay $25 million for the team. it was a discounted rate meant to lure him to the l.a. galaxy. in comparison the owners of the new york city team paid
6:52 pm
$100 million, but beckham is going to pay a hefty fee for the stadium. they will not be getting a cent of taxpayer funding. there is no name for the team yet. they don't even have a site although they would like to ultimately build a stadium on thon--in downtown miami. beckham said this is a dream, and he plans to make this passion project among his top priorities. >> it's something that as a kid i never dreamt of doing. all i wanted to do was to be a soccer player. now that i've had the career that i've had, it's surreal. >> reporter: miami had an mls soccer team from 1998 to 2000 called the miami fusion, but the league was struggling at that time. in order to cut costs it eliminated the team. people have been asking how will this team be different? will beckham's celebrity be enough to boost the fortune of
6:53 pm
this potential miami team. sports experts have told us that the town is saturated with sports teams, and the di distractions ranging from the beach to the nightlife, sports experts say the big thing here is that beckham is going to have to invest in big name players and make sure that he has a winning team. we spoke to beckham about that. >> the league is stronger than it was ten years ago. the sport is stronger and a lot more exciting in this country than it was ten years ago. you know, this city is definitely ready for a soccer team for a soccer stadium to be built here. >> even with all the unknowns beckham says he has been receiving texts and phone calls from players saying they want in. >> natasha, appreciate it. the world's most famous snowboarder has announced he is pulling out from an olympic
6:54 pm
event. shawn white said he will not participate in the slope because of risk of injury. he'll concentrate on the half pike where he'll have a chance to win a third straight medal. there have been reactions to shawn white's decisions. >> reporter: tony, this is what the course for the event that shawn white pulled out of looks like. a russian snowboarder posted this video online and the slopes involved some of the most difficult tricks and jumps and some athletes complain that the rails are too close to together and the landings are too short. but some athletes have criticized shawn white's decision to pull out. here is one.
6:55 pm
also gretchen, are a snowboarder saying everyone slamming shawn white 2014 step back and be grateful for all the olympic exposure and opportunity he has created. >> yes. >> and you know a lot of exposure has been given to the hotel situation for the media. chris for the la times writes: >> what is that? >> it's some stand. >> and take a look at this one. dan from yahoo sports writes: >> maria, appreciate it. good to see you. thank you, thank you, thank you.
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an update on the day's top stories and then it's "real money with ali velshi" with david shuster in for ali velshi at the top of the hour. >> reporter: a major drugstore chain says no to selling tobacco. and why twitter is becoming a short and sweet way for traders to keep their pulse on the stock market. a challenge from the ncaa college football players who want to form an union. all that and more on real money. there's more to financial news than the ups and downs of the dow. for instance, can fracking change what you pay for water each month? have you thought about how climate change can affect your grocery bill? can rare minerals in china affect your cell phone bill?
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or how a hospital in texas could drive up your healthcare premium? i'll make the connections from the news to your money real.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. a big decision from one of the nation's largest pharmacy chains. cvs announced it will no longer sell tobacco products across the
6:59 pm
country. the change will happen october 1st. the company said it will cost $2 billion each year. west virginia governor said it will consider testing water in residents ehome. many residents refuse to drink water even after declared safe. the storm in the east has hit hard. the vatican said a report that the u.n. released today on sex abuse in the church is distorted and unfair. the human rights committee accuses the vatican allowed priests to rape tens of thousands of children. it hopes to open its files of pedophilia and people who helped conceal the crimes. protests were held in st. petersberg against russia's
7:00 pm
anti-gay policies. i'm tony harris. real money with ali velshi is up next. david shuster is sitting in. ♪ >> major retailers will leave money on the table by taking cigarettes off the shelves. will this really help people who shop the cvs. many investors are convinced that twitter is essential in evaluating a company's stock. we'll explain. and the wildcats are formering a union, and the implications could be huge. i'm david shuster in for ali velshi, and this is "real money."